⭐⭐⭐  CCFLT Star of the Week: Miranda Markland⭐⭐⭐

We hope you are starting off your week well, energized from attending or following CCFLT’s Fall Conference this past Saturday. It’s time for some inspiration from Miranda Markland, our CCFLT Star of the Week! Miranda joins us from Ft. Collins where she is beginning her 4th year at Preston Middle school, teaching French and World Language Explorations.

Miranda tells us she pursued French because her father is Canadian and she has dual citizenship; it followed that she wanted to learn the other official language of her second country. She also enjoys being a member of CCFLT and likes the energy, ideas, and confidence she gets from attending the conferences. Miranda shares these and other resources with her colleagues as they continuously find ways to improve their language instruction and celebrate the successes of what they are trying with their students.

Miranda’s passion for teaching French really shines when asked about why she likes her chosen profession. In her own words, “Because I teach middle school, the most amazing moments that make me love what I do happen when I am able to put joy, confidence, and fun into my students’ day. I want to make middle school a more positive experience for them and give them a haven in the school where they feel loved, accepted, and where they get to smile, relax, and laugh while learning.” What a great connection to the conference theme and idea of a #NationOfAdvocates !

Congratulations, Miranda!

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