Shared Files from Past Conferences

Here you’ll find files, sites and wikis that our presenters have been generous enough to share. If you use any of these, please be respectful to those who put the effort into creating them and give them credit.

Spring 2017 CCFLT conference materials

Presenters’ slides and materials from the spring 2017 conference.

2017 spring conference: Full Program

CCFLT 2017: why attend the spring 2017 CCFLT conference video:

CCFLT Friend of Foreign Languages Jamie Laurie is both a polyglot and platinum selling recording artist Johnny5 of The Flobots. He shared his love of language and culture with attendees at the 2017 CCFLT Spring Conference:


Fall 2016 CCFLT conference

Leslie Davison’s session on Using technology to provide compelling and creative input.

Annick Chen’s sample Chinese lesson.

Sabrina Janczak’s lesson on the Star of the Week

Paul Kirschling’s presentation on In Good Times and in Bad.

Spring Conference 2014 | Language Use Beyond Classroom

Fall Conference 2013 | Are you on Target? 90% Target Language in the Classroom

Fall Conference 2012 | The Best of Colorado

Spring Conference 2012 | Passport to Success: Assessment

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