Don’t Get Ready, Get Started


It’s with a great deal of excitement that we return to teaching and learning each new school year. We’ve had a chance to refresh and it gave us the time and space we needed in order to reflect on last year and plan how to improve. For a lot of us, the Summer Break also was a chance to be inspired and dream up something new to inject in our lessons this school year.

With all of the opportunity these new dreams offer, they can also be daunting. They force us to take on new learning and skills. They demand resources, the most important of which is our time. And we embrace these challenges because we know it will benefit our students.

Yet in our desire to move forward with something great, we can be our own greatest roadblocks. As educators, we are prone to perfectionism. We want to be sure what we create for our learners is something amazing. It’s a worthy ambition and a good one to strive for. But it carries a risk factor: the danger of being perpetually stuck in the planning stages at the expense of never executing.

As you embark on the 2017-18 school year, I encourage you to be a courageous and audacious language teacher. I, along with all of your CCFLT colleagues, am here to cheer you on as you chase the dreams you have in store for your language learners. I also invite you to give yourself permission to be less than perfect in your implementation. There is a powerful difference between being under-planned and being underprepared. Once you reach the point of feeling prepared to launch, go ahead and take the chance that you are under-planned. You’ve done plenty to get ready, now is the time to get started!

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