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Dearest Language Professionals,

ACTFL this year was incredible and very innovative. What was most impressive was the outstanding representation from Colorado. This year Colorado had their 1st official meeting at NCSSFL (National Council of State Supervisors for Languages). Colorado is no longer in associate status, which gives us full membership and participation at this year’s NCSSFL meeting. To know more about NCSSFL and to see Colorado’s state report, please visit: This year at ACTFL, CDE shared their work with how we are engaging all language professionals together. Toni Theisen and CDE co-presented at ACTLF this year. The presentation called “Breaking Down the Barriers of Language Professionals” provided insight on how the Colorado Department of Education has begun to break down the barriers to bring the groups of English Learner and World Language professionals together to collaborate and advocate for the same language causes for all students. It was great to visit Boston and we hope to see more Colorado representation at next year’s ACTFL. We have been very busy this year at CDE with the new ESSA law and building our state plan for Colorado. If you are not familiar with ESSA, please visit our webpage for more information: Understanding ESSA is very important in your advocacy and leveraging the teaching and learning of languages and cultures for all students. We are also in full swing with beginning the Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision Process. CDE invited educators, educational leaders, parents, students and the general public to share their perceptions of the Colorado Academic Standards through an online survey. The results of the survey will inform the department’s planning for the upcoming review and revision of the standards, required by Senate Bill 08-212, known as Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K). The law requires a review and revision of the CAS on or before July 1, 2018 and every six years thereafter. In addition to the survey on general perceptions of the standards, CDE will launch an online feedback system in November which will enable all Coloradoans to provide specific feedback on every expectation within the 10 content areas included in the Colorado Academic Standards. In early 2017, CDE will provide comprehensive information about the timeline and phases of the standards review and revision process as well as information about how to become involved. To get involved and stay informed of this very important work, please click on our webpage: https:// Lastly, the World Languages (Grades K-12) – added endorsement has been updated and released. The 4 basic elements for the criteria are: Language Proficiency (9 semester hours), Literature (6 semester hours), Culture and Advocacy (6 semester hours) and Language Acquisition and Instruction (3 semester hours). For further details, please visit: cdeprof/worldlanguagesworksheet Bryce Hedstrom is a very innovative, collaborative and engaging leader. Your CCFLT president will definitely make his mark in making his presidency very unique and will be spear heading some new ideas for Colorado in partnership with CDE. I won’t ruin his surprises and ideas in what he has in mind to truly advocate for languages on a bigger scale. CDE is looking forward to this partnership in assisting him with some of these “out of the box” ideas to engage educators and Colorado. Thank you language educators for everything you do every day to innovate, educate, and engage our Colorado students.

Lulu Buck English Language Development & World Language Specialist Colorado Department of Education

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