Mentor Program

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CCFLT is committed to excellence in education through quality instruction for students and quality support for teachers. To that end, we have designed a Mentoring Program for our members.

After being accepted into the Mentor Program, an experienced mentor will be assigned to you. Your mentor will provide you with practical advice and support, serve as an advocate, and provide you with many resources during the year.

You and your Mentor will be in contact with each other on a weekly basis. Sometimes it will be simply to check in to see if things are going all right. Other times it will be to engage in a types of serious discussion, either in person or digitally, regarding your teaching. You may talk by phone, Skype, e-mail or chat – whatever works best for you both.

Throughout the year you will be asked to share your goals, report your progress and reflect upon your instructional practices.


  • To offer collegial support, guidance, and expertise to help with professional growth.
  • To provide a confidential environment where the mentor and mentee can carry on discussions about a personal nature.
  • To identify goals which will enable a mentee to stretch his/her teaching abilities in a safe environment with the support of a more experienced colleague.


  • Work with an experienced mentor
  • Set professional goals related to the teaching of foreign languages
  • Complete activities toward meeting the goals
  • Maintain contact between mentor and mentee on a weekly basis
  • Submit required paperwork: goals, mid-term progress report, professional growth reflective essay, and final progress checklist. Copies of lesson plans and assessments may be requested to be shared.
  • Have a final conference with your mentor to review the Mentoring Program and receive recommendation for a CCFLT Commendation for Having Completed the Mentoring Program and CDE Re-Certification Credit.

The Mentor

  • is the key to the success of the Program.
  • is a coach, guide, advocate, and role model for the mentee.
  • makes suggestions to the mentee regarding teaching methodology and classroom management, but realizes ultimately, the mentee is responsible for what happens in the classroom.


ACTFL Keys to the Classroom         ACTFL Keys to Assessment

These two publications will set the standard for what a World Language CLassroom should look like. They will help bring everyone into the same conversation.