Fall Grants and Awards

Application deadline for the Fall awards: August 31st, 2017 @ 11:59 p.m.

Fall 2017 Grants & Scholarships

Each fall, the CCFLT presents three monetary grants to teachers. If you have an idea for a project for your classroom, please consider applying for these innovation grants! 

Two scholarships are awarded to new World Language teachers (in their first 3 years of teaching) to attend the CCFLT Fall Conference in October. 

In addition, due to lack of nominations for these annual Spring Awards, the Awards Committee is opening up nominations for the following awards to be given at the Fall Conference: 

  • Genevieve Overman Memorial Service Award (view application form)
    Honoring an individual for lengthy and dedicated service to the foreign language profession. This award is in honor of Genevieve Overman who served as the first CCFLT Secretary.


  • Kris Wells’ Memorial Creativity Award (view application form)
    Given to an individual who has inspired enthusiasm for language learning through unusual innovation and creativity in the foreign language classroom. This award is in honor of Kris Wells who served as CCFLT President from 1999-2000.


Procedures for Awards, Grants, Scholarships, and Contests

  1. All nominations and applications must meet all criteria and be submitted to grants_awards@ccflt.org by the deadline to be eligible for consideration.
  2. Members submitting applications and nominations will be notified once documents have been received by the Committee.
  3. The Chair will remove any identifiable information such as name, personal contact information, school, district language, etc. The nominations will be given to the members of the selection committee as a blind review. If any member is aware of a colleague or friend that has applied for a particular award, grant, scholarship or contest, s/he will abdicate responsibility from the selection process.
  4. All applicants and nominators will be notified of the Committee’s decisions by the end of the month following the September (Fall Conference) or December (Spring Conference) Board meeting.
  5. No member of the CCFLT Board of Directors or Officers may write a letter of support for any award nominee.
  6. No member of the CCFTL Board of Directors, Officers, or contracted employee is eligible for nomination for any award while holding these positions.

[#1-4 determined at the May 13, 2017 Board meeting.]

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