The Newsletter of the CCFLT is published three times a year. The Editor is Rachel Bachmann at Articles are to be initially submitted to and be reviewed by Rachel Bachmann, who will then forward them to the editor.

Issue/Deadlines (deadlines for submission of articles or announcements) are:

  • Winter Newsletter deadline: December 1.

  • Spring Newsletter deadline: March 2.


Guidelines for submission of articles or announcements are:

  1. Announcements should not be more than 250 words. Please consult and coordinate with the Editor regarding the length and content before you begin your draft.
  2. Submission should include URLs for more detailed information.
  3. Make submission directly to Rachel Bachmann.
  4. Submission should be in the form of a Word (doc) attachment.
  5. Submit your article along with photos (and captions) if you have good photos that capture the activities. The resolution quality should be 300 DPI or higher for jpg files. If you cannot provide that, send the Editor the original photo, and she will scan them.